🔐Fund Management

All of the Projects Funds, as well as our LOF V2 liquidity tokens are kept in Multi-Sig Wallets. When we migrated from LOF V1 to LOF V2, we held a governance vote with our holders deciding how to manage our LP. It was decided that 100% should be kept in a Multi-Sig Wallet requiring 3 out of 4 signatures to transact. Below are the wallets and Owners.

These funds are ONLY for marketing/development. The only person on the Team receiving any funds from this wallet is our Developer. We keep BUSD and BNB on hand for payments and manage funds based on risk in the market. The LOF tokens are specifically for partnerships and marketing purposes, these tokens will not be sold by the team to fund our needs.

BSC Wallet - 0x540d94A60769403cB4D05D8420060CB531a25ee5

Requires 4 out of 6 Signatures. All Owners are Internally Doxxed and 6 of the 7 are KYC'd with Interfi.

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