The roadmap can be seen below! We have a very ambitious roadmap and intend on keeping all holders up to date on where we are at in real time ever week in the announcement room on telegram. Every week there is a weekly wrap up audio and text write up on the progress.

Phase 1 - Preparation

  • Migrate to Enhanced LOF V2
  • Release New Roadmap
  • Launch Official Merch Store
  • Release V2 Whitepaper
  • Build New Landing Page
  • Build and Release LOF Gitbook
  • Build New Token Website

Phase 2 - Onboarding

  • Launch Beta LOF Fan Platform (Limited Testers)
  • Relaunch Token on ETH/Polygon
  • Begin Investor Marketing Campaign
  • Begin Content Creator Marketing Campaign
  • Public Launch of LOF Fan Platform

Phase 3 - Improvements + Expansion

  • Announce Metaverse Partnerships and Virtual Hangouts
  • Centralized Exchange Listings
  • Build and Launch LOF NFT Marketplace
  • Human Trafficking Charity Donations and Education Center
  • Deploy Additional Features to LOF Fan Platform (List #2)

Phase 4 - Increased Monetization + Utility

  • Cam Addition
  • Improved Merchandise Store
  • Traffic Monetization
  • Enhanced Digital Creator Engagement
  • Annual Top LOF Holder Gathering
  • Deploy Additional Features to LOF Fan Platform (List #3)