6% Buy Tax Distribution

Investor & Consumer Driven Taxes

Low taxes on buys are essential to the use case of our token. We strive to empower our content creators with a platform and products that drive fan consumption using LOF as the payment. With that in mind, we needed to keep the buy tax low enough for consumers to see the investment side. Investing with a lower entry Tax makes it easier to hold for longer durations, knowing you're being rewarded by every tax charged on trades!

2% Reward of Your Choice Automatically

With each purchase, a 2% tax is redistributed amongst all holders' wallets, proportionate to the % of your LOF holdings. The Dapp dashboard on lonelyfans.io/dashboard/ gives you the option to enter the token contract of the token you wish to receive in rewards! By default, this token is BNB. You cannot enter LOF V2's Contract as the buyback token, BUT if you leave the token as BNB, you can use the tax-free buyback tool to avoid paying the 6% tax! The Dapp tracks how much BNB rewards you've earned, and you can use up to that amount for the buyback! For Instance, if you have earned 0.2BNB in rewards, you can buy up to 0.2BNB LOF V2 back without the 6% buy tax taken out. Similar to reflections, if you stay on top of it! A small amount of BNB is included in the transaction to pay for the swap transaction within the contract and then send it to you.

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