Content Creators

Lonelyfans welcomes all content creators of every gender, ethnicity, religion and creed to our platform! A KYC (Know Your Customer) process to verify the identity of each and every content creator on our platform is required to assure no illegal content is listed. Content Creators may only list content on the Platform/Marketplace AFTER the KYC is Verified.

Register as a Content Creator

Register as a content creator on and enter your referral code if you were referred by somebody! It costs you or the person who sent you $0 and 0%, all of the referral money is coming from the Lonelyfans income, so share the love with your fellow content creators!

Join the Content Creator Community!

After confirming your account as a content creator and performing the KYC, you should get an email with the link to our content creator room on telegram. This room is where you can ask general questions and get feedback from other content creators in the space or the teams direct response walking you through whatever you have questions on! We encourage any and all questions, we actively listen to all feedback and react ASAP. If you don't tell us what you need, we won't know what to improve on! 😊

If you believe you have what it takes to become an official partner please reach out to any of our team members and let us know!

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