Discreet Purchases

Using LOF to make payments for Content/Subscriptions means no more credit/debit card statements clearly stating your purchases. Keep in mind this doesn't mean you are anonymous or unable to ever be identified, but it takes a LOT more work to do so! When you buy cryptocurrencies, your card statement will be labeled with the exchange you bought the crypto with, it does NOT say which currency you bought. Therefore after it's in your wallet, you are free to do with it as you please! A wallet address is a string of digits that do not clearly identify an individual. This is an example of an address


This address is actually the contract number for our LOF token, but a wallet looks pretty identical in terms of digits and length. Depending on why you want to keep these purchases discreet, you can take a few steps as needed to obtain the content, or a few extras if the discount or further anonymity is worth it. See How to Buy LOF V2 for more details

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