💞From Old To New Team

The history of this project is not one to be forgotten, as it sets a reference to how far we have come from its origination.

Surviving the Storm

The entire original 11 members of the founding team left one by one for their own personal reasons until none of them remained. Not all of them left things in shambles, but for the most part each department was abandoned and filled by community members hungry to keep this project moving in the right direction. Kush and Alan being very vocal members in the AMA's and filling the private messages of anybody on the team who would hear their ideas. Eric stepped in as a consultant behind the scenes to lend the team help wherever he could. Panda picked up the art and Happy Hotwife kept the community flourishing along with other mods. Determined to persevere through the storm of catastrophe after catastrophe left by the founders before them. Web developers, blockchain engineers, freelance artists, 3D renderers, content creators, video editors from the community have rose to the occasion again and again putting their strongest foot forward while climbing this mountain of adversity with determination. Failure is not an option for this community. Not now. Not ever.

Building Bigger and Better

Building from the rubble has not been an easy task, but anybody who has followed LOF through the hard times sees a bright and prosperous future thanks to the efforts of the community to make this a community governed project. Governance of the project by the community is not something common in the current platform token field. This is something that sets us apart from the congested field in which we flourish. The combined effort from holders of LOF are what make the culture unique, as every spot a "Founder" left vacant was filled by a passionate holder who truly believed in the cause the original team set out to accomplish. Where they failed, we shall succeed. We hope after reading this brief history, you will be able to join our community and see the passion we speak of first hand. Join us in this mission to truly empower content creators in a project governed by the holders of LOF.

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