Official Content Partners

Official Partner

Official partners are

  • Early Content Creators that joined LOF prior to the launch of any of our products

  • Heavily influential content creators in the industry.

Products like the LOF Created NFT's and Creator Merch is exclusive to our Official Partners. There will also be a featured place for our official partners on the site to link their socials as well as quick links to their content. We ask that our Official partners work with us exclusively in the crypto realm and provide content only seen on LOF to help elevate the exclusivity of their NFT's and presence on our platform.

Requirements to Apply for an Official Partner are as follows

  • 200,000 Combined Social Media Followers Minimum

  • Active Fan Base Account

  • Commit to Exclusive Content For Lonelyfans NFT's (Not minted on other projects)

  • Available for 15min Meetings Per Week With Team and other Official Partners

  • No Administrative Position with Other Fan Based Platforms

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