Buy LOF Tax Free

Due to the way our contract buys the rewards tokens, LOF isn't available as an option for automatic rewards. However, if you leave the reward token as BNB, the contract tracks how much BNB you have received in "Total Earned" and allows you to buy LOF Tax free! Gas estimates are automatically subtracted from the amount in order to transact. In order to do this, you'll need to follow these steps.

  1. Use the slider to define how much of your BNB rewards you'd like to use

  2. Click "Buyback"

  3. Approve the transaction in your wallet

  4. Done!

Note - Only the "Total Earned" amount is available to use, "Pending Amount" has not been sent to your wallet yet. You must also have a BNB balance in your wallet sufficient to purchase the LOF tax free. Once the BNB is received in your wallet automatically, there is nothing keeping you from spending it. Example - You may have received 0.3 BNB in rewards, but spent it already on other things.

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