🗒️Lessons Learned

How our past made us better

The current Team was mostly in adviser roles and witnessed the struggles first hand. Below are some of the lessons learned and what we implemented to address them.

  • Hierarchy - We defined roles and responsibilities within the team as well as a structure to follow.

  • Communication - We communicate daily in specific groups for specific topics in order to keep subjects concentrated. We utilize voice messages when possible to clearly communicate, especially emotional or confrontational topics to avoid misperception of text.

  • Organization - Eric is a master organizer. A central location for all documents has been made and shared with the team as well as the Moon Pilot Bot is programmed to recall important documents/links.

  • Disagreements - Voting/Approval happens internally before any is finalized. 3 approvals minimum before any announcements or positions can be taken by the company.

  • Accountability - No mass payments will be made to Team Members with the risk of selling and leaving prematurely. Team payments will be made through Superfluid to retain the ability to cease payment for services/tasks uncompleted. Superfluid pays out linearly in real time according to the agreement, proportionate to the total.

  • Fund Management - Previously the entire company funds were held by an individual. There is no single point of fund management now, all company funds are located in Multi-sig Wallets that require multiple team signatures before transacting.

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