15% Sell Tax Distribution

IMPORTANT NOTE - Selling more then 33% of your holdings in one transaction triggers the Dumper tax of 22.5%.

Rewarding Holders and Long-Term Consumers

Higher Taxes on individuals leaving the ecosystem solely for financial gain will pay an elevated tax to the diamond handed holders. This incentivizes consuming content within our ecosystem, as well as stabilizing Price Volatility influenced by day traders. Sells also trigger more incentives to hold, making the decision to sell slightly tougher. More rewards, more liquidity, lower supply as well as a bigger marketing wallet to use for advertisements and developing more products, onboarding more influencers, spreading more LOF in giveaways... Are you sure you want to sell?! Go browse our content creators one more time and put that LOF to work 😉.
4% Rewards
3% Development/Marketing
3% Added Liquidity
5% Burn

4% Distributed Reward of Your Choice. Automatically.

With each purchase, a 4% tax is redistributed amongst all holders' wallets, proportionate to the % of your LOF holdings. The Dapp dashboard on gives you the option to enter the token contract of the token you wish to receive in rewards! By default, this token is BNB. You cannot enter LOF V2's Contract as the buyback token, BUT if you leave the token as BNB, you can use the tax-free buyback tool to avoid paying the 6% buy tax! The Dapp tracks how much BNB rewards you've earned, and you can use up to that amount for the buyback! For instance, if you have earned 0.2BNB in rewards, you can buy up to 0.2BNB LOF V2 back without the 6% buy tax taken out. Similar to reflections, if you stay on top of it! A small amount of BNB is included in the transaction to pay for the swap transaction within the contract and then sent to you.
1.5% in BNB + 1.5% BUSD Marketing/Development wallet
Multi-sig marketing wallet will require no less than 4 CORE team member signature to move any funds out of this wallet. This feature ensures that the team has funds to continue developing and marketing the project, even when the crypto market is more volatile. We NEVER want to sell any LOF in order to fund the project and create negative pressure on price.

3% BNB/LOF Automatically Added to Liquidity

Each sell transaction will automatically pair BNB and LOF to create LP tokens for our pancakeswap liquidity. This liquidity will act as a cushion for price impacts as time goes on. The more liquidity paired for trading, the less slippage per transaction. You can think of liquidity as a literal liquid substance. If you add/remove a bucket of water from a bathtub, the water line drops/raises a noticeable amount. However if you add/remove a bucket of water from the ocean, nobody notices a difference! More liquidity equals less price impact and more stability.

5% Buyback and Burn (Default Set to Automatic)

Buybacks and Burns have been very successful tokenomics for a number of reasons, morale being one of them. Seeing every sell followed by a buy is a visual reminder you're being rewarded as a holder. This feature can be used automatically or manually. We intend on keeping this set to "Automatic" so every sell transaction is essentially a 5% burn. This tax will use BNB to buyback LOF V2 and send directly to the burn wallet.
When in "Manual" mode the contract stores the taxed BNB within itself, waiting for the team to call the buyback and burn. This can be used for milestone celebrations, negate downward sell pressure if a whale sells 100% of their tokens, or help boost trading stats. In the future proposals may be written in the Governance portal to change the feature to "Manual" and use for these purposes.