🎁Reward Dashboard

LOF Passive Rewards

Within our token contract, there are 2% taxes on every BUY and 4% taxes every SELL of LOF tokens! These taxes are distribute to all LOF holders based on their holding amount. The more you hold, the more you earn!

Connect to the Dashboard

Visit Lonelyfans.io/Rewards and connect the wallet holding your LOF tokens

After connecting your wallet you should see the values automatically filled out based on your holdings! Reference Below

Understanding the Dashboard

  • Total Reward Distributed - Total amount of BNB distributed amongst all holders historically

  • Balance (LOF) - The amount of LOF you hold and the Value in USD

  • Total Earned (BNB) - Total amount of BNB your Wallet has received passively

  • Pending Amount (BNB) - This is the amount not yet sent to you, based on the Queue Position

  • Queue Position - Your place in line to receive Pending Amount (BNB). This number will count down to 0 and then send your rewards automatically.

  • Last Reward - This is the date you last received your rewards based on the Queue Position hitting 0.

  • Rewards for Tax Free Buy - This slider will allow you to spend up to your Total Earned (BNB) to buy LOF tax free and avoid all BUY TAXES. After using this function, you can only buy the difference between what you've already bought tax free and the additional amount you earn after that point.

  • Claim Rewards - Using this function, you pay the gas fee to skip the queue and claim your rewards whenever you please!

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