Credits VS Crypto

Most platforms use a Credit system to buy content or features. Some call them "Gems" or "Diamonds". In reality it's just a form of locking up funds with the intent of using them later. They are usually a flat rate per credit and a discount if you purchase more at one time. In theory this is a genius method to earn income before a purchase is made, with hopes that there will be a point where you are just short of the amount needed to buy something, and need to "top up".

Meanwhile, they do absolutely nothing for you while you hold them in your wallet.

Using crypto, that completely changes. With smart contracts, there is an opportunity to bring value to those "Credits" while you hold them. Our LOF token has a lot of built in features that allow you to passively earn income on those dormant funds. Granted, the value isn't pegged to a set amount and may fluctuate lower or much much higher based on the demand. Let's list some advantages as well as disadvantages below, so you can decide whether you want to keep more than you need, or just hold as much as you need at the time you need them.


  • Set value per credit, Discounted in Bulk

  • Purchasable on Platform using Debit/Credit

  • Sold in units usually divisible by 5, not usually individually

  • Infinite supply

  • Unable to be Sold if not used

  • Not transparently tracked, Unable to see demand

Crypto (LOF Token)

  • Fluctuating Value Based on Demand

  • Purchasable on Platform Using Debit/Credit Discreetly

  • Sold Individually, only buy what you need if desired

  • Deflationary Supply, there will never be more created

  • Able to be liquidated for cash if unused or undesired

  • Transparently Tracked on the Blockchain, able to see distribution

  • Earns Passive Income while you hold them

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