🤑Income Brackets

Introducing Creator Income Brackets on Lonelyfans.com!

At Lonelyfans, we believe in empowering our creators and providing flexible earning options. We offer three income brackets tailored to meet your preferences and financial goals. Let's dive in:

  1. Bracket 1: Maximum Flexibility (85% Earnings):

    • If you choose not to accept our native crypto token LOF as a partial payment, you'll earn 85% of each sale and tip.

    • The remaining 15% goes to Lonelyfans to support our platform's growth and development.

  2. Bracket 2: Crypto Advantage (90% Earnings):

    • By accepting at least 10% of each payment in LOF, you'll earn 90% of each sale and tip.

    • For example, with a $5 subscription, you'll receive 85% in traditional currency, 10% in LOF, and the remaining 90% will be paid in a stable coin equivalent to $1.

    • This allows you to benefit from the advantages of our native token while still enjoying the stability of a traditional currency.

  3. Bracket 3: Risk-Reward (95% Earnings):

    • If you're willing to embrace the potential risks and rewards of cryptocurrency, you can choose to accept 100% of your payments in LOF.

    • With this option, you'll earn 95% of each sale and tip, giving you a higher share of your earnings.

    • However, please note that the price of LOF can be volatile, so it's important to carefully consider the risks involved.

At Lonelyfans, we're committed to your success and giving you the freedom to choose your preferred income bracket. Whether you prioritize flexibility, the advantages of crypto, or the potential rewards of embracing LOF, we've got you covered. Join our community of creators today and start earning in a way that suits your unique needs!

Remember, each income bracket contributes to the growth and sustainability of Lonelyfans, allowing us to continuously improve our platform and provide you with the best experience possible. Let's thrive together!

(Note: The percentages mentioned are subject to change. Please refer to our platform's updated guidelines for the most accurate information.)

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