💟Content Creators

The Most Important Asset to LonelyFans

What is a Content Creator?

The words "Content Creator" separated, bring a whole new meaning to how you look at this phrase we commonly hear. Content (Definition) is generally understood as something that is to be expressed through some medium, as speech, writing, or any of various arts. But it also means something that is contained. Unleashing your expression is where the creation is realized. Creator (Definition) is bringing things into existence, likening you to a God. LonelyFans is a platform that seeks to foster your inner God-like expressions of art and creativity into existence on a platform that puts YOU first.

Why choose LOF over other Fan Based Platforms?

We work for you.

Unlike most platforms that put profit above all and treat you as a commodity more then a business partner, we seek to work in your best interest 100% of the time and elevate your interests above our own. We seek the opinion and direction of our creators on everything we do. Its why we have two content creators on our Core team and constantly strive to hear more from the content creators themselves.

Honesty and Genuine Integrity is hard to come by nowadays. The Industry we work in is full of half truths and whole lies. If you don't believe this, welcome to your first day on the job! 15 seconds into the industry, you're being taken advantage of from people at every level.

  • Platform Fees (20%+)

  • Content Rights

  • Dishonest Photographers

  • Dishonest Videographers

  • Sub Par Editors

  • Cheapskate Customers (Chargebacks)

  • Payment Processors taking %

  • Scam Marketers

  • Sometimes even other content creators!

While we understand there's some things we cannot stop, there's quite a few on that list we CAN. Our job is to EMPOWER YOU to create the same content you enjoy making while MAXIMIZING YOUR INCOME and putting more focus on the content creation rather than the headaches.

Maximize Your Income

Lower Platform Fees

Non crypto based projects start off with a hefty fee to use their platform, OF starts at 20%. Other crypto projects are unbelievably shady when promising more income then OF. "Zero Fees" means its all in the token taxes. We Whitelist (Remove) taxes on our content creators through our token contract so you can move your money without being taxed to death. If you don't know what token taxes are, its a tax on tokens every time they are transferred, including sales and cashing out. If a platform promises "Zero Fees", read the fine print, nothing is ever free.

The method of payment determines the amount of fees you pay, the more you Embrace Crypto the lower your fees are as there is less administrative fees involved!

No Chargebacks on Crypto Payments

Customer service is now in the hands of the content creators themselves when it comes to refunds or unhappy customers. Platform policies tend to always be skewed towards the customer rather then equally objective driven. The customer is not always right, in a objective reality this is a fact. If the customer says the sky is red, he is clearly not right, and we do not have to play along with insanity. Chargebacks are generally people who have enjoyed the content but don't want to pay for the service as agreed upon. While not always the case, due diligence is required by both parties participating in the transaction.

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