🌱LOF Original Founding

April 24th 2021 - Sept. 30th 2021


The original team of "Founders" had the best intentions when starting the project, with a worthy cause at heart. Empower content creators and donate to charity that helps to fight human trafficking, a cause the current team still holds near and dear to their hearts. The founding team had mixed experience in multiple fields needed to start a project, however they were not experienced in managing a crypto project and unfortunately separated ways one by one.

The inexperience led to mistakes from creation all the way thru the launch and beginning month of the project. One by one, each founder left or lost hope in their own project due to miscommunication or lack of ability to adapt and overcome all the obstacles hurled at them. Some left with dignity, some did not. Thankfully, the community was ready and willing to pick up the torch and carry on. Of the 11 Original people at the inception of this project, all 11 are no longer actively working inside the team or on the project at all.

The Current team is still in communication with quite a few of the Original Founders, Mario especially. Mario Cardenas was the last Founder to step out of his role when departing from the military and starting his education in California. Here is his resignation letter and the moment the project officially became a community driven project. (September 30th 2021)

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